The Magnia Reader offers a new alternative for point of care (POC) testing utilizing the unique and patented magnetic immunoassay (MIA) technique. The system is comprised of two parts: wet chemistry reagents in the assay vial where the immune reaction take place, and an analytical instrument the Magna Reader, for quantification and measuring. The two are linked by a disposable algorithm chip, a computer chip containing all of the data specific to the analysis, as well as a self-executable calculation algorithm. The single-use computer chip is the key to the  POC system, locking the reader to the reagents. When a new reagent kit is opened, the enclosed chip is inserted into the Magnia and remains in the reader until the last reagent vial in the kit has been processed. Upgrades are thus easily provided with each new reagent kit.


Performing tests with the system is easy and convenient. Once prepared, insert the reagent vial with the sample into the instrument and the Magna Reader will automatically perform the measurement and display the results after the completed reaction.


The Magnia Reader is a sensitive, precise, easy-to-use instrument. The Magnia reader is small, light-weight, robust and has a battery powered option, making it very suitable for any situation where a rapid, sensitive, precise immunoassay is required.

Magnia Reader