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Accelerated Equine Health (AEH) offers rapid, non-invasive infectious disease testing. We can also provide rapid point of care for inflammation to help determine injury, bacteria or virus, so that treatment regimens can be implemented quickly.

AEH also offers genetic testing with the most advanced results available. Genetic testing is able to identify certain traits in horses and it helps determine the likelihood that these traits will be passed to their offspring. The genetic test panel will give you peace of mind when training and breeding your horses.

It's all about the horse... ALWAYS

As a young boy, I spent many wonderful Saturdays with my uncle at thoroughbred race tracks in New York. I loved the excitement of the track, especially when my favorite equine athletes were thundering down the stretch. Racing was in my blood and I dreamed of becoming an owner. Halfway to Heaven was my first thoroughbred. She ran over 50 times and was retired as a sound seven year old mare, after she won her last race at Aqueduct in 2005. I loved that horse. I hoped breeding her would allow me to extend her legacy.


As you may already know, owning a performance horse can be an emotional roller coaster. One fall morning, I received a call from my trainer. He told me that Halfway to Heaven’s foal was going to have significant value. The foal’s older sibling had just won a stakes race. The euphoria, however, was short lived.


The very next day, I received a call telling me that Halfway to Heaven was showing signs of discomfort, although we couldn’t be sure of a diagnosis. The necessary point of care tests were not available at the time. She was rushed to the nearest equine clinic many miles away. Despite the best veterinarian care, neither Halfway to Heaven nor her foal could be saved.


Today, tragedies like this can now be reduced through a better approach to equine diagnostics and testing. Accelerated Equine Health (AEH) was created to extend the competitive years of a horse while providing the best opportunity to enjoy a healthy and productive retirement. Early detection, rapid test results and prevention are key to the best equine healthcare. Together, we share your commitment to the health and safety of all horses. Let us join you in this mission.

- Roger C. Bogsted, Co-Founder